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Gold Prospecting Equipment – Gold Panning Supplies

There may be gold in those hills but you aren’t likely to find it without the proper prospecting supplies. As anyone who pans for gold knows, without good gold panning equipment you may spend hours searching for those precious flakes of metal but not find very much. That is why Prospector Innovations offers the very latest and best in prospecting tools and gold mining supplies. 

Gold is heavy! Gold is 19 times heavier than anything else you will be likely to find in when panning. This is the key to locating and recovering this precious metal. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in gold prospecting equipment and technology, which will assist you in finding that gold. Equipment like our Gold Grabber Gold Pan, now make your gold easier to find. This is the only gold pan with deep aggressive riffles that can be panned in a 5 gallon bucket. The deep bottom ridge and steep sides allows the gold to concentrate at the bottom faster than conventional pans. 

Prospector Innovations is also home to one of the best pieces of gold mining equipment out there: the Heavy Hitter Sluice Magnet. The patented Heavy Hitter pulls the majority of magnetite out of the sluice box before reaching the riffles by utilizing powerful rare earth magnets inside a durable plastic housing for easy cleaning. Less magnetite means easier gold recovery as well as richer concentrates, which is what makes this a powerful piece of prospecting equipment to have in your mining supplies arsenal.

We also have the famous Gold Cube. With classification, compact design and versatility, it will replace your old high banker and other gold prospecting supplies. 

Whenever you need gold panning supplies or gold mining tools, turn to Prospector Innovations.

These magnets are made from the rare earth mineral Neodymium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB) to achieve the most powerful magnets you have ever seen. 20x stronger than regular magnets, it will pull all your magnetite black sands as well as hematite. These magnets are also perfect for hunting Iron meteorites as they will jump to the powerful magnet. These are aslo used on picks while metal detecting for gold and treasures. Please read warnings and use extreme caution while handling these powerful magnets.

Gold Prospecting Home

We have searched high and low for the perfect backpacks for the gold prospector. These packs have a pouch for your gold pans so they are always easily accessible while test panning. Full kits are available for the beginning prospector or the seasoned pro, packed with all the gold prospecting tools and equipment needed to get the gold.

Kits come with gold pans, classifier, sluice box, Heavy Hitter sluice magnet, Magic Wand black sand magnet, scoop, snuffer bottle, gold vials, crevice tools, rock pick, loupe, pry bars, and more gold prospecting supplies!
The Heavy Hitter Sluice Magnet is a magnetic material separator that mounts above your material as it flows underneath. Made with the strongest neodymium (rare earth) magnets. It is easy to install and you will not believe how much black sand magnetite is taken out without pulling out your gold. These magnets are also used for finding meteorites that wash into streams and rivers.
Whether you are working dry or wet this is a must for every gold prospector where iron black sands are a problem. It works anywhere gold bearing material is moving underneath.
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Gold Mining Equipment and Gold Panning Supplies
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GOLD -N- SAND Hand powered dredge

The Gold -N- Sand hand dredge pumps directly into a bucket or sluice box so you can go after that gold and not spend all your time trying to get to the shore to dump your load!  The old Pump N' Dumps are a thing of the past and now it's faster with the Gold-N-Sand hand dredge.  Gold -N- Sand will make your prospecting life a whole lot easier!